Risk and Whisk: A Clueless Baker's Journey

Step into the floury world of choux, where chaos reigns and laughter ensues. In this journey of a clumsy baker, expect a delightful blend of silliness and passion, as we navigate my trials and triumphs of mastering the art of pastry perfection.


6/13/20231 min read

In my kitchen, I embark, a brave and clueless fool,

To conquer the choux mysteries, with skills as sharp as a tool.

With fancy French techniques, I wade into chaos unknown,

A baking adventure that truly tests what I've sewn.

I start with an elegant recipe, so refined and precise,

But each step I read, bewildered, like headless mice.

Whisking eggs with caution, praying they won't curdle,

A dance with danger, a baking tightrope hurdle.

Butter and water mix, colliding with a clumsy grace,

Creating a bubbling cauldron, a caramelized embrace.

Flour joins the party, a magician's grand illusion,

Turning liquid to solid, in a baking confusion.

I pipe the dough like a Picasso on trays,

Abstract masterpieces, leaving bakers in a daze.

But the challenges I face in the oven's heated breath,

Will they rise like proud souffl├ęs or meet a sad, doughy death?

And as the craquelin discs make their grand debut,

I hope they bring elegance, to rescue me from the stew.

Coffee and hazelnut cream, a filling so divine,

Dreaming of a masterpiece, while praying it aligns.

Yet amidst the chaos and mess, I curse myself anew,

Like a hangover's remorse, after a wild night's brew.

"I'll never bake this again!" I declare with a sigh,

But deep down, I know it's a sweet addiction I can't deny.

For the joy it brings when others taste my creation,

Their faces light up, a sweet moment of elation.

Through clumsy hands, I bring smiles and sweet delight,

A labour of love, even if it's a comical sight.

In the end, the chaos of choux brings laughter's cheer,

A whimsical journey that brings delight to those near.

So here's to the choux, with its twists and quirks,

A sweet adventure that always leaves us with smirks!

Thanks for reading!

Ghazal Diani