Sips of Clarity: Revelling in Sobriety's Dance

This poem captures the journey of being a non-drinker, offering a light-hearted exploration of societal expectations, personal choices, and the joys found in embracing a sober lifestyle.


Ghazal Diani

6/13/20232 min read

In a world of swirling spirits, where glasses touch the sky, I stand apart, a non-drinker, catching curious eyes. No past of wild indulgence, no alcoholic escapade, but a playful soul who's never sipped, in a choice self-made.

As they ponder and question, their eyebrows start to rise, "Do your folks drink?" they’d ask, their disbelief disguised. As if their choices dictated mine, as if I was but a clone, but little did they know, my path was mine alone.

They gasp in sheer amazement, as if it's some grand crime, "No drinks for you?" they exclaim, eyes wide, lost in time. But let me tell you, dear friends, it reveals much about you, for your astonishment speaks volumes, while I remain true.

They might label me a party pooper, dull and uninspired, yet little do they know, how my life is truly wired. With no hangovers to bear, no regrets to lament, I live life, vibrant and content. With no drinks to slow me down, no haze to cloud my mind, I dance through life with vigour, leaving them behind.

In sobriety's embrace, a different kind of thrill, clarity and wisdom bloom, a steadfast and joyful will. My mind unclouded, my senses keenly aware, I savour life's moments with a perspective, rare.

But let me confess, in this playful refrain, that even as a non-drinker, I'm not entirely plain. For my filter-less words, they flow freely and true, with or without a drink, I speak my mind and cause embarrassment, just like you.

Confident in my decision, free from judgment and pretence, I navigate the world sober, with joyful innocence. I don't claim superiority or sit upon a throne, for life's joys are diverse, for each to call their own.

So here's to a toast, be it water or a sparkling brew, in our diverse choices, let's celebrate and honour too. Whether drinking or abstaining, we find our own delight, in living life to the fullest, through each day and night.

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Ghazal Diani

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